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McDonald’s Menu And Prices South Africa 2023

McDonald’s Menu is an iconic and renowned fast-food chain that has achieved global recognition. Founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, by Richard and Maurice McDonald, McDonald’s has grown to become one of the largest and most successful fast-food franchises in the world. With its distinctive golden arches and familiar menu, McDonald’s has become synonymous with fast, convenient, and affordable food.

McDonald’s entered the South African market in 1995 and has since established a significant presence in the country. As a fast-food giant, McDonald’s has successfully adapted to local tastes and preferences while retaining its core menu offerings. With numerous outlets across the nation, McDonald’s has become a popular choice for South Africans seeking quick meals that are both delicious and affordable. The brand’s commitment to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction has contributed to its success and loyal customer base in South Africa. In this article we will cover McDonald’s menu with prices in South Africa.

McDonald’s Menu And Prices South Africa

McDonald’s Chicken Menu

McChicken® MealR 69,70
Jalapeno Chicken MealR 56,90
Jalapeno Double Chicken MealR 72,10
Cajun Chicken MealR 78,40
Chicken McNuggets®R 65,30
6 pc Chicken McNuggets® MealR 82,40
10 pc Chicken McNuggets® MealR 98,20
Grand Chicken Special MealR 103,80
Grand Chicken Spicy MealR 100,00
Grand Chicken Classic MealR 78,40
Chicken Foldover MealR 100,70
Chicken Foldover Spicy MealR 105,80
2 Chicken Burger MealR 81,00
Grand Chicken Special Medium MealR 103,80
Grand Chicken Spicy Medium MealR 100,00
Chicken Foldover Medium MealR 100,70
10 pc Spicy McNuggets® MealR 100,70
4 pc Spicy McNuggets®R 31,70
6 pc Spicy McNuggets® MealR 78,40

McDonald’s Hot Beverages Menu

TeaR 26,00
Filter BlackR 29,20
Filter WhiteR 29,20
CappuccinoR 34,20
LatteR 35,50
Hot ChocolateR 35,50
AmericanoR 29,80

McDonald’s Menu Drinks Prices

McFizz®R 31,10
Vanilla Iced CoffeeR 34,10
Caramel Iced CoffeeR 34,10
Orange JuiceR 29,20
Apple JuiceR 29,20
CokeR 23,50
Coke No SugarR 20,30
FantaR 23,50
SpriteR 23,50
Stoney ZeroR 20,30
Creme SodaR 23,50
Bonaqua StillR 18,40
Coke No Sugar (Large)R 29,80
Coke No Sugar (Large)R 31,60
300ml WaterR 17,80

McDonald’s Dessert Menu Prices

Belgian Choc PieR 27,90
Apple PieR 25,20
Oreo McFlurry®R 40,60
Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry ShakeR 36,80
Plain SundaeR 24,10
Chocolate SundaeR 29,20
Strawberry SundaeR 29,20
Passion Fruit Cheesecake McFlurryR 44,20

Mcdonald's Menu

McDonald’s Menu Specials

Item Price Description
Big Mac Extra Value Meal R37.90 Includes a Big Mac, medium fries, and medium soft drink.
McChicken Extra Value Meal R34.90 Includes a McChicken sandwich, medium fries, and medium soft drink.
Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal R33.90 Includes a Filet-O-Fish sandwich, medium fries, and medium soft drink.
Chicken McNuggets 6-Piece R19.90 A serving of 6 Chicken McNuggets.
Chicken McNuggets 10-Piece R29.90 A serving of 10 Chicken McNuggets.
Chicken McNuggets 20-Piece R49.90 A serving of 20 Chicken McNuggets.
Happy Meal R22.90 Includes a choice of a Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets, or McChicken sandwich, along with a toy, medium fries, and a small soft drink.
McCafé Coffee R9.90 A cup of coffee from McCafé.
McCafé Hot Chocolate R10.90 A cup of hot chocolate from McCafé.
McCafé McFlurry R14.90 A McFlurry ice cream treat from McCafé.
McCafé Fruit & Yogurt Parfait R13.90 A fruit and yogurt parfait from McCafé.

McDonald’s Family Meal Menu

Item Price
Combo Sharebag R366.80
* 4x Burgers
* 2x Regular fries
* 2 x Small fries
* 2 x Regulr Soft Drinks
* 2 x Small Soft Drinks
* 10 piece Chicken McNuggets®
* 2 sauces of your choice (Jalapeno, BBQ, Sweet and Sour)

McDonald’s Secret Menu

Name Description Ingredients Price
Poor Man’s Big Mac A cheaper version of the Big Mac. A McDouble with no ketchup, add lettuce and Big Mac Sauce. R10.95
Ice Cream Sandwich A McFlurry between two chocolate chip cookies. A McFlurry of your choice and two chocolate chip cookies. R14.95
McBrunch Burger A breakfast and lunch combo. A McChicken patty on a McGriddle with cheese and bacon. R16.95
McGangBang A McDouble and a McChicken sandwich combined. A McDouble and a McChicken sandwich combined. R12.95
McKinley Mac A larger version of the Big Mac. Two McDoubles with Big Mac Sauce in the middle. R15.95
Monster Mac A gigantic version of the Big Mac. Three McDoubles with Big Mac Sauce in the middle. R20.95
McLeprechaun Shake A green mint milkshake. A vanilla milkshake with green food coloring. R12.95
Neapolitan Shake A three-flavored milkshake. A vanilla milkshake with chocolate and strawberry syrup. R13.95
Pie McFlurry An apple pie in a McFlurry. An apple pie blended with McFlurry ice cream. R15.95

McDonald’s Menu Near Me

McDonald’s Menu Cape Town

Address : Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

  • Cnr Koeberg &, Bosmansdam Rd, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441
  • Cnr Koeberg &, Bosmansdam Rd, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441
  • Cnr Maynard &, M4, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800
  • Fritz Sonnenberg Rd &, Granger Bay Blvd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051
  • 171&nbsp, Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
  • Cnr Bosmansdam Road &, Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441
  • Cape Town City Centre Cnr Strand Street &, 24A Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

McDonald’s Hours [Opening Time]

Monday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm
Tuesday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm
Wednesday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm
Thursday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm
Friday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm
Saturday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm
Sunday, 6:30 am–9:30 pm

McDonald’s Pricing Information

The pricing strategy of McDonald’s in South Africa is influenced by several key factors. These factors include:

Cost of ingredients: The cost of sourcing high-quality ingredients for McDonald’s menu items plays a significant role in determining the final prices. Fluctuations in ingredient prices, such as meat, dairy, and produce, can impact the pricing strategy.

Operating expenses: McDonald’s has various operating expenses, including rent, utilities, employee wages, and marketing costs. These expenses are taken into account when determining the prices of menu items.

Local market competition: McDonald’s considers the pricing strategies of its competitors in the South African fast-food market. It aims to offer competitive prices while maintaining profitability.

Value perception: McDonald’s strives to provide value to its customers through affordable pricing without compromising on food quality or taste. The perceived value of the menu items also influences pricing decisions.

The prices of McDonald’s menu items in South Africa can vary depending on the category. Here is a general average price range for different menu categories:

Burgers and Sandwiches: Prices typically range from ZAR 25 to ZAR 65 for individual items. Value meals, which include a burger, fries, and a drink, usually range from ZAR 50 to ZAR 90.

Chicken and Fish: Prices for chicken and fish items range from ZAR 25 to ZAR 65 for individual items. Value meals can range from ZAR 45 to ZAR 85.

Salads and Wraps: Prices for salads and wraps typically range from ZAR 30 to ZAR 60 for individual items. Value meals with salads or wraps can range from ZAR 50 to ZAR 90.

Sides and Snacks: Side items and snacks such as fries, nuggets, and pies generally range from ZAR 10 to ZAR 30.

Desserts and Beverages: Prices for desserts like ice cream cones, sundaes, and milkshakes range from ZAR 10 to ZAR 40. Beverage options, including soft drinks and coffee, typically range from ZAR 10 to ZAR 30.

McDonald’s in South Africa offers value meals and combo pricing options to provide customers with convenient and cost-effective meal choices. Value meals typically include a main item (burger, chicken, or wrap), a side (fries or a salad), and a beverage, with prices ranging from ZAR 50 to ZAR 90.

Combo pricing allows customers to customize their meals by selecting individual menu items and adding sides and beverages at a discounted price compared to purchasing items separately. Combos offer flexibility and savings for customers who prefer to tailor their meals according to their preferences.

In the South African fast-food landscape, McDonald’s prices are competitive when compared to other major fast-food chains. While specific pricing comparisons may vary depending on the region and specific menu items, McDonald’s strives to offer affordable options without compromising on quality or taste. Customers often consider factors such as menu variety, brand reputation, and overall value when comparing prices across different fast-food chains.

McDonald’s Special Offers and Promotions

McDonald’s in South Africa frequently runs promotions and limited-time offers to entice customers and provide them with added value. These promotions can include:

Meal Deals: McDonald’s offers discounted meal deals that include a combination of a burger, side item, and a beverage at a reduced price compared to purchasing the items individually.

Value for Money Promotions: McDonald’s introduces special promotions where customers can enjoy specific menu items at lower prices, such as discounted burgers, chicken meals, or snack bundles.

Limited-Time Menu Items: McDonald’s often introduces unique menu items for a limited time, such as seasonal burgers, themed desserts, or innovative snack options. These limited-time offerings aim to provide customers with new and exciting choices.

McDonald’s South Africa may have loyalty programs or discounts in place to reward regular customers and encourage repeat visits. These programs can include:

Mobile Apps: McDonald’s may have a mobile app that allows customers to access exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. Through the app, users can earn rewards and receive personalized offers.

Loyalty Cards: McDonald’s may offer loyalty cards that customers can use to accumulate points with each purchase. These points can then be redeemed for free items or discounts.

Student Discounts: McDonald’s often provides special discounts for students with a valid student ID, allowing them to enjoy reduced prices on select menu items.

McDonald’s in South Africa frequently engages in seasonal campaigns and partnerships to align with local events, holidays, or social causes. These campaigns can involve:

Festive Offers: During festive seasons, McDonald’s may introduce themed promotions and limited-time menu items to celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day.

Sports Partnerships: McDonald’s may collaborate with local sports teams or events to offer exclusive promotions and giveaways, such as discounted tickets or merchandise.

Cause-Related Campaigns: McDonald’s may partner with charitable organizations or initiatives to raise awareness and funds for social causes. These campaigns often involve special menu items or donations based on customer purchases.

These special offers, loyalty programs, and seasonal campaigns aim to enhance the customer experience, provide value for money, and foster customer loyalty in South Africa’s competitive fast-food market.


In conclusion, McDonald’s in South Africa offers a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From breakfast items to burgers, chicken, salads, sides, desserts, and beverages, McDonald’s provides a variety of options for customers to choose from. The pricing of menu items varies across categories, with value meals and combo options offering cost-effective choices. Factors such as ingredient costs, operating expenses, market competition, and value perception influence McDonald’s pricing strategy.

McDonald’s has established a strong presence in South Africa since its entry into the market in 1995. The brand has successfully adapted its menu to suit local preferences while maintaining its core offerings. With its affordable and convenient fast-food options, McDonald’s has become a popular choice among South Africans. The brand’s commitment to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction has contributed to its success and loyal customer base in the country.

Looking ahead, McDonald’s in South Africa is expected to continue its growth and innovation in response to changing consumer demands. The brand may introduce new menu items, limited-time offerings, and promotions to keep the dining experience fresh and exciting for customers. As the market evolves, McDonald’s may also explore partnerships, implement new technology-driven initiatives, and focus on sustainability to align with emerging trends and consumer preferences.

Overall, McDonald’s in South Africa remains a prominent player in the fast-food industry, offering a wide menu selection, competitive pricing, and various promotional activities to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.


Q1. How much is a Big Mac in SA?

As of June 6, 2023, a Big Mac in South Africa costs R46.50. This is equivalent to approximately $3.10 USD. The price of a Big Mac can vary depending on the location, but this is the current price in South Africa.

Here are some other prices for popular items on the McDonald’s South Africa menu:

  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese: R56.00
  • Chicken McNuggets (6 piece): R43.20
  • Fries: R22.20
  • Coke: R10.00

Q2. How much is a chicken Big Mac?

The price of a Chicken Big Mac in South Africa is R52.40. This price is as of June 6, 2023. The Chicken Big Mac is a variation of the classic Big Mac, but instead of two beef patties, it has two chicken patties. It also has the same special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions as the regular Big Mac.

Here is the price of a Chicken Big Mac in South Africa:

  • Regular: R52.40
  • Meal: R66.90

The Chicken Big Mac Meal comes with a medium order of fries and a medium soft drink.

You can order a Chicken Big Mac at any McDonald’s restaurant in South Africa.

Q3. How much is the Cardi B meal? 

The Cardi B and Offset Meal in South Africa is priced at R43.90. It includes:

  • 1 x Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • 1 x Classic Cheeseburger
  • 1 x Large Fries
  • 1 x Large Coca-Cola
  • 1 x Apple Pie

The meal was launched in South Africa on February 14, 2023, in partnership with McDonald’s South Africa and Universal Music Africa.

Here is the breakdown of the prices for each item in the meal:

  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese: R29.90
  • Classic Cheeseburger: R9.90
  • Large Fries: R9.90
  • Large Coca-Cola: R9.90
  • Apple Pie: R9.90

The total price of the meal is R43.90.

Q4. How much does a Big Mac cost?

As of June 6, 2023, a Big Mac in South Africa costs R39.90. This is equivalent to US$2.34. The price of a Big Mac can vary depending on the location, but it is generally around this price in South Africa.

Here are some other prices for popular McDonald’s items in South Africa:

  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese: R46.90
  • Chicken McNuggets (10 piece): R43.00
  • Fries (medium): R19.90
  • Coke (medium): R10.90

Q5. How much is a small Big Mac meal?

As of June 6, 2023, the price of a small Big Mac meal in South Africa is R91.10. This includes a Big Mac sandwich, medium fries, and a medium soft drink.

Here are the prices for other Big Mac meals in South Africa:

  • Medium Big Mac meal: R106.10
  • Large Big Mac meal: R121.10
  • Extra large Big Mac meal: R136.10

You can also order a Big Mac by itself for R31.00.

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